Friday, 30 December 2011

Some Beauty Christmas Prezzies !

Well, Christmas was so amazing ! Here are some ( not all ) of the things I received from my family, but mainly just beauty related things :).

First thing is the "Volume Millions Lashes" in black, by L'Oreal, which I got from my sister. This is an unopened tube of this mascara as I'm almost finished my other one and I love it so much <3.

This next present I hinted to my mum way back in October and i couldn't believe she rememebered. It's  TheBodyShop's "The Sparkler", which gives you a gorgeous all over shimmer for maybe a night out or special occasion.

MAC lipstick - Russian Red 
MAC Lip Liner - Cherry

 These two lip products have been on my "wish list " for a while now. I've never really been the red lip kinda girl but I think you need the classic red lipstick in your makeup bag and I think this matte colour is brilliant. Obviously the lip liner is optional but I feel it gives more of a neater finish and more vibrant.

These three items, I received also from my sister in a L'Oreal "Glam" box. I really love the powder trio and lipstick as they are really flirty and my type of shades but I feel the eye liner isn't a true enough black as I like my liner to be quite dramatic.

L'Oreal Super Liner Luminizer
Black Amethyst 
L'Oreal Glam Bronze, Sun Radiance Trio
201- Blonde Harmony  

L'Oreal Colour Riche L/S
390 Nude Treasure 

This last prezzie was from my mum and I was so shocked when I opened this. I feel it's something I will have for years and really feminen and cute. LOL.

Thanks for reading !

Hope you all have a amazing new year ! love Kirsten xxx

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