Sunday, 18 September 2011

Hmm..., should I or shouldn't I ........ ?

I think its safe to say to say that I'm obsessed with make-up, so here's some of the " Hits and Misses " in my opinion.

MISS - So the first miss is " Collection 2000 Shine Away Powder ". Well when I first bought it I thought it would do what it says and keep the shininess on my face under control, but no, it done absolutely nothing for me except make me orange. No matter which way i applied it ( powder brush, kabuki or the sponge it came with ) it just wouldn't work. Usually I would put it down to the shade I got, but I got the medium shade which i usually am in general make-up so its definitely a miss for me. Good thing it was only £4:19. 
HIT - For me the Youtube " beauty guru " society is a great way to find new products and people's opinions on them. So the "Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer " has been raved about for a while now. It is just amazing how it covers dark circles, blemishes and even large pores all day long. It has even bet my "YSL  touché éclat "! I don't use collection 2000 very often but this is definitely one of my must haves.  
Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer
MISS- A brand that I think you can only get in the UK, Avon, sells beauty cosmetics and other girly things. I get an Avon catalogue delivered to my house and I sometimes order a few thing. Last week i ordered the " Avon Arabian Glow - Golden Sands " cream eye shadow quad, and boy was I disappointed. To sum them up they look nice and pigmented swatched but they last about 30 minutes on your eyes. They wipe off A LOT  very quickly and have rubbish colour pay off. I wasn't expecting amazing results but nothing this bad.
Avon Arabian Glow - Golden Sands

Too Faced Natural Eye Palette

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HIT - And finally probably my most used eye shadow palette, the "Too Faced Natural Eye Palette". I bought it a while ago now and it never seems to run out. As the picture shows it has nine gorgeous shades and they are VERY pigmented. I even think some of them have a better colour pay off than MAC eye shadows, which  are hard to bet ! A really good make-up tutorial using this palette, is a video buy Juicystar07 and she uses it very well.

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  1. I have the first one! it's great!